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If you have damaged or irregular teeth, a dental crown can restore a beautiful smile. At Smile with Care Dental of Colorado in Aurora, Colorado, Jeremy Glick, DDS, and his team of experienced dental providers offer dental crowns that look and feel like your natural teeth and blend right in with your smile. To determine if you need a dental crown, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Crowns Q & A

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are a type of restoration that protect and improve the appearance of damaged or weakened teeth. Crowns can be made from many materials, including resin, metals, porcelain, and ceramics. The providers at Smile with Care Dental of Colorado usually offer porcelain or ceramic crowns because they blend best with the coloring and natural sheen of your smile. 

Crowns are sturdy and attractive restorations. They can stand in for back teeth, which do a lot of chewing. They can also cap teeth in the front of your smile for an attractive appearance. 

It’s important to care for crowns just like you do your natural teeth, with regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings. 

Am I a candidate for crowns?

Dental crowns effectively protect the primary structure of your teeth to help you maintain the integrity of your smile. You may benefit from a dental crown to:

  • Cover discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Protect teeth damaged by decay or injury
  • Improve the look of irregularly shaped teeth
  • Top off a tooth treated by root canal
  • Strengthen teeth weakened by substantially large fillings
  • Protect cracked teeth or teeth in danger of breaking
  • Hold a dental bridge in place

Dental crowns finish the implant restoration process to create a complete smile. You can receive one or more dental crowns at one time. 

What is the process of getting crowns?

At your first visit, your provider prepares the tooth that will receive the crown. This may involve removing a small amount of the tooth enamel to make space for the crown. This step isn’t always required, especially if the crown tops a dental implant or covers a root canal. 

Your provider takes impressions of your teeth and sends them to a lab so the crown can be crafted. You receive a temporary crown in the meantime. Once the crown returns to the office, your dentist bonds it into place and secures the fit. 

Find out more about the process of receiving a dental crown and how it can help restore your smile. Call Smile with Care Dental of Colorado or schedule an appointment online today.